3 Fun Ideas for your Engagement Photoshoot!

Props and Locations that bring your engagement photoshoot to a whole new level

Photoshoots of any kind are a pretty big deal. First off you are investing your money into a Photographer to capture images of you, your love, or your family so you want to make sure you get the most out of your money. One of the most underrated but important sessions that I am talking about today would be your Engagement Photoshoot.

You may not think it but Engagement Photos are one of the biggest and most important photoshoots you can have besides your wedding photos. For starters it’s one of the biggest, maybe even only professional photos of you as a couple where you can really showcase your personalities. It’s also the best way to find out if you have hired the best Photographer for your Wedding Day because if you don’t like your engagement photos or don’t click with the photographer then chances are it will only get worse on your big day.

When planning out your engagement session there are multiple things to take into account but I will cover that in another blog post. Today I want to share with you three unique ideas that can help bring some fun to your photoshoot!

You…Me…Food… & Donuts

Whoever said Diamonds were a girls best friend obviously forgot about food. Afterall it’s one of the first things you do on a date and it’s the best bonding activity there is! Pizza and a movie anyone?! So what if I told you that you could bring that same energy to your photoshoot?

When you think food I want you to think of what matches you (as a couple) personality or if there is a particular food or place that is special to you.

Want something more laid back and chill? Grab a blanket, some pizza, and some beers and spend time together! You can also go more fancy by hiring a company such as Kentucky Picnics (https://www.kentuckypicnics.com/) to set up a romantic scene for you.

Have a more playful personality? Grab yourself some sweets and take it to a spot where you can play keep away! This can bring about so many candid fun shots by this one simple prompt.

What if you own a business together like a coffee shop? Then incorporate that into your session! It’s what helps make your photoshoot unique to you and it brings about a special meaning for the both of you.

“There was my name up in lights…”

Raise your hand if you a SUPER into movies and/or books! You and me both! Want to know how you can incorporate entertainment like that into your engagement photoshoot? Well let me tell you!

Look around in your local city for an old time movie theater that still has the old marquee look to it. They may just let you rent out space for it! If you live in Lexington Kentucky and are interested in this option check out The Kentucky Theatre (https://www.kentuckytheatre.org/marquee-rental) for their rates on the marquee rental.

Have a favorite book or era that you are basing your wedding around? This couple is doing a Great Gatsby (Roaring 20s) Theme for their Wedding so for part of their engagement session they dressed the part!

Flying to New Heights

Calling all pilots…I repeat…calling all pilots…over. Do you or somebody you know have access to a private hanger or jet? Most likely the answer is no but if you do, think about having your engagement session there!

Private Hangers allow for scenery and props that are not accessible to most people. It makes it something rare that in most cases will not be able to be duplicated and can really end up being works of art on your walls. It’s even better if you are with the pilot (or are the pilot) and are able to get into the cockpit for those special unique photos!

The most important rule for your engagement photoshoot is to have fun! Don’t get stressed out over the details or trying to be over the top. The best photos are going to be the ones of you enjoying each other and feeling the most comfortable together. Make sure to play during your session and to not take things so seriously because at the end of the day it’s just nice to have physical memories of the two of you together!

Vendor Links Below

Kentucky Picnics : https://www.kentuckypicnics.com/

The Kentucky Theatre : https://www.kentuckytheatre.org/marquee-rental

Stephanie Wade Photography : https://stephaniewadephotography.com/

Grace Shlonsky Photography : https://www.graceshlonsky.com/

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