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What you should give your Photographer on Wedding Day for your Detail Photos

If you are looking for a cohesive wedding gallery that gives you an overall look into all aspects of your wedding day then you want to make sure not to miss out on those Detail Photos. You may be asking yourself “What do I bring for my detail photos?” That is where I come in!

The Invitation Suite

One of the most well-known shots for your Details is going to be your Invitation Suite. This includes EVERYTHING that you have sent out to invite your guests to your wedding. This means not only the invitation and RSVP cards but also the envelopes, postage, ribbons, seals, and anything else that may be incorporated. Make sure to bring at least two copies so they can be layered.

If you have other stationary items bring those as well such as itineraries, programs, brochures, etc.

All the Rings

With Wedding Day comes Wedding Rings. Make sure to have all the rings including engagement ones as well together in one place with all the rest of your detail items. If you have a special box for them or one that you would like them to be photographed with make sure to pack those as well.

Your photographer may have multiple ring boxes themselves to help elevate the look of the rings if you don’t have one but this may not always be the case.

Dress and Pretty Hanger

Of course nobody forgets their beautiful wedding dress but you know what does get forgotten? The Hanger! Make sure to bring a beautiful hanger for your dress photos! This doesn’t mean you have to get a custom-made one but it certainly looks better in photos.

Wedding dress hanging on arbor surrounded by flowers and greenery

The main thing is to make sure you don’t just bring a wired, plastic, or brightly colored hanger that can take away from the high-end look of the dress. After all, you paid lots of money for you so you don’t want to cheapen the look with a cheap-looking hanger.

All the Jewelry

If you are a bride or groom that has chosen to have jewelry on for your big day make sure you have it all together and in their boxes. You don’t want to have to untangle necklaces the day of or lose the back of the earring making it impossible to stay in. Jewelry can include things such as necklaces, earrings, hair pieces, bracelets, family heirlooms, cufflinks, tie clips, etc.


If you are deciding to go with a signature smell on your day make sure to bring it in its original bottle. I suggest going with a scent that comes in a more fancy bottle, or even picking out scents for each other to gift on the wedding day.

Wedding Detail Photo featuring Perfume and Cologne


Whether you choose to go real or fake make sure to have your bouquet close and ready. If your bouquet is real you will want to keep it in water until it is time to be photographed. Once the photos are taken it’s best to place them back in the water until ceremony time.

HACK* Ask your florist to leave some petals and leftover flowers that can be incorporated into the flat-lays for that added visual effect.

Vow Books/Letters

If you are choosing to write in vow books or write your significant other a letter to read before the ceremony then have those together in your bag. Make sure you aren’t able to see what is inside them…no peeking! 🙂

Wedding detail photo featuring vow books, florals, and wedding rings


These are often photographed with the dress and other items. You want to make sure that they are clean and not stained with dirt or scuffs. Groom shoes should also be clean and available as they will be often times photographed with the grooms details.

Watch (Groom)

If you are a groom and decided to wear a watch you will want to have it clean and brand new looking. Apple watches do not make for good photos so make sure to have one that fits the mood of the day. If it is new and comes in a nice-looking box be sure to bring that as well.

What I have listed and discussed above today are the standard items used for Wedding Detail photos. Your photographer may have items and mats to help elevate the look of your detail shots but that is not a guarantee. It is a great question to ask your photographer if they have a tool kit they bring for the flat-lays or if they take the more photojournalism or art approach and style them as is.

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