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If you are nerdy, outdoorsy, a foodie, like to game, or even just like to laugh then we are going to hit it off right away! With my quirky sense of humor and my laid back personality my couples are quick to relax and have a great time!

You want somebody who can help you look natural in front of the camera and not awkward or tense! 
You want somebody that will help you feel like the main character on your big day and hype you up to feel your best self!
You want somebody who will help you realize your dreams for your big day and not that of family or friends. 

If you are ready to laugh, have fun, and take epic photos that you can hang on your walls for years to come then schedule a call with me today and let's chat! :)

It's so nice to meet you! My name is Stephanie and if you are reading this I can already tell we are going to be the best of friends! I am not just a photographer but a friend who can't wait to celebrate you on your big day! Let's share in some laughs, hype you up, and make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams!

hey friend! are you ready to laugh, make memories, and create some stunning photos? 

A snapshot into my life

I tied the knot with my husband back in September of 2017 (here's to you September Brides!) and welcomed our first baby girl in August of 2019.  We had our son about 21 months after our daughter. When we thought it was rough having our first kid, boy were we surprised with how absolutely crazy our house was going to be with the two of them! I don't know what I would do or where I would be if not for the support and love of my family! I feel truly blessed to be so lucky to have them and will do anything to make them proud!


My Favorite Things

Honestly a better title for this would just be entertainment in general because I absolutely love to be entertained! My all time favorite singular movie is Pride and Prejudice HOWEVER I will die on the hill that Lord of the Rings is the greatest trilogy to have ever been made! If you have every watched those movies then we are best friends already and if you haven't...well let's just say you are missing out! 
I also greatly enjoy listening to Podcasts on my drive or while I am editing (where is my True Crime lovers!). My favorites would be Crime Junkie, Murder with my Husband, Taste Buds, and Hey Babe! 

Movies & Podcasts

One of the things I am most grateful for in my childhood is growing up boating. It's the absolute best thing to do in the Summer and I miss it so much! There is nothing better then getting on a tube and trying to throw my sister or the high you feel when getting up out of the water on ski's. I look forward to sharing this experience with my kids as the grow older because it's truly where some of my most fondest memories of childhood lay. 

The Lake


Wedding Day is a once in a lifetime event so it's important to invest in a photographer that will do justice to your photos and deliver consistent images that match your vision. If you want   images that you can be proud to show off to friends, family, and social media then don't hesitate and reach out today! Dates book quickly so you don't want to miss out!

You Deserve the best